The Learning Experience

Terry Wanted To Reinforce The Schools’
Curriculum, Improving Kids’ Gross Motor,
Math and Reading Skills.

Terry was looking to add a new experience that would excite and entertain the kids during their daily classes in the schools’ indoor playground. And he wanted this new activity to complement the schools’ curriculum, especially improving the kids’ gross motor and educational skills.

He needed a product that was easy for teachers to operate and customize according
to the different abilities of the children, and to be able to adjust the experience for different
age groups. And from a marketing perspective, he wanted to offer an experience that would
create a strong visual impression for parents during tours of the school, helping to increase enrollment numbers.

The Result

The interactive projector system was installed quickly and efficiently in the indoor playground of each school by the BEAM technicians.

  1. 1.

    Since being introduced to the schools’ indoor playground, BEAM has been
    a huge hit with both the kids and their teachers.

  2. 2.

    For the kids, it’s provided a new, interactive activity of fun, allowing them to run and
    jump around as they experience a wide variety of educational games.

  3. 3.

    BEAM has become so popular that the school actually has to switch it OFF before the
    end of each school day. This is because, if they were playing on BEAM when their
    parents came to collect them, kids were refusing to go home!

From a Marketing & Business Perspective

BEAM allows the school to stand out from the competition, creating a strong
visual impression for parents during pre-enrolment tours. Terry believes that
the introduction of BEAM has been a significant factor in attracting new
kids to join the school.

From The Teachers’ Perspective

BEAM reinforces the school’s educational curriculum, helping to improve the kids’
reading and math skills. And, as the educational games have different levels
of difficulty, the teachers are able to customize the BEAM experience, offering
suitable games for each age group, and for children of different learning abilities.

The Learning Experience

Terry’s 2 preschools provide top notch education to over 270 children in the Houston area. They pride themselves in their strong teaching curriculum, helping the kids to develop both their educational and gross motor skills.

The schools provide full preschool programs for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old, as well as before and after-school programs for children up to age 12.

  • Industry Education
  • Company size Small business
  • Location Houston, Texas


What The Learning Experience Says About Us

"BEAM is a strong component of our curriculum, reinforcing the kids’ gross motor, math and reading skills. And it creates a strong visual impression on parents during pre-enrolment tours, helping TLE to stand out versus other preschools. BEAM has been a significant factor in attracting new kids to join the school."

Terry Townsend, Owner of 2 The Learning
Experience preschools in Houston, Texas.

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