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BEAM is What Kids Look Forward to the Most When They Visit Lekotek of Georgia at Cobb!

Objective The world of Lekotek is one filled with laughter and joy coupled with hard work and personal challenges. Children with disabilities face challenges interacting with family members and participating in school and community activities. Lekotek facilitates successful inclusion in all aspects of life for children with disabilities. Lekotek occupies a unique niche in the lives of these special children. It’s a welcome break from therapy. Through play, Lekotek promotes inclusion and frequent byproducts of play result in mastering therapy goals. All children learn through play and Lekotek provides a recreational environment to meet the special needs of every child. Lekotek’s philosophy is that every child can be successful with adaptations. Adapted toys, software and computer input devices are their tools to help any child with a disability and BEAM is one of these devices.

Lekotek first learned about BEAM through a Facebook ad several years ago, and after receiving a grant for their brand new sensory room at the Cobb Location, they knew BEAM would be a perfect addition to the space. They thought the device would be particularly beneficial for the monthly play sessions that the organization hosts for children and their families.


Solution and Results BEAM has been a game changer inside the Lekotek of Georgia at Cobb facility, especially because the device is so inclusive by design. Children can crawl, lie down on the ground where the projection is and then move their extremities in order to play. It has been a perfect solution for multiple children to play together and the variety of games ensures that there is something for every child! The facility has been absolutely amazed at the positive response so far!

BEAM has served as a tremendous addition to the organization because it does the perfect job of promoting learning through play. It is also so easy for kids to interact with the device, from rolling a ball, dropping a bean bag, moving an extremity, rolling in a wheelchair, or even just jumping or walking on the projection. BEAM is an amazing tool to promote inclusive play! Children and parents say that BEAM is what kids look forward to the most when they visit the facility!

Lekotek of Georgia at Cobb

Lekotek of Georgia at Cobb is a nonprofit that has been making a difference in the lives of children with disabilities for more than 30 years. Using adapted toys, educational materials, computer equipment and iPads, Lekotek provides opportunities for kids to have fun and learn along the way. It is a safe haven from medical appointments and therapies. It is a place where there are no expectations to perform, a place where parents find resources and support.

  • Industry Special Needs
  • Location Kennesaw, Georgia


What Lekotek of Georgia at Cobb
says about us

"The games are great. There is a great variety of content and I've been able to find appropriate games for every child that has come in, regardless of ability."

Lisa Nevitt
Lekotek of Georgia at Cobb, Kennesaw, GA

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