Ryal Public School

BEAM has transformed gym time at Ryal Public School

Objective Although small in size, Ryal Public School is a PK3-8th grade school located in central Oklahoma  providing unforgettable scholastic learning experiences for all their students. Ryal Public School’s challenging and engaging curriculum promotes age-appropriate learning and prepares students to thrive. The school first learned about BEAM through an advertisement on Facebook and knew right away that it would be a perfect solution to transform their school gym into a highly active playground on rainy days. Because Oklahoma weather has many rainy, snowy, cold or extremely hot days where playing outside is out of the question, the school was looking for an easy solution that would transform their gym into a place for seamless fun.

Solution and Results BEAM’s virtual playground was exactly what the school had been searching for! The BEAM is used very often and provides the students with for many more different opportunities to move around and to engage in active play! Now, recess and even some classes are frequently held with their BEAM device and the kids absolutely love it!  Ryal Public School is extremely happy with the device and they think the device is 100% worth the investment. “We have already gotten our money back through the excitement and enthusiasm BEAM has brought to our students and even faculty!” shared Thomas Burney, the Director of Programs at the Ryal.

Ryan’s students are so excited when they see the device and it encourages them to move so much more than before. With BEAM, instead of just sitting around, they are always moving and they love trying to beat the level of the games they choose to play. All the games are so great and the students love them, especially the educational games such as alphabet math, and reading. BEAM is the perfect opportunity to give students the chance to learn valuable educational skills through play. Overall, BEAM keeps the students at Ryal Public School actively engaged in learning and ensures that they have a great time while doing it!

Kids at Jumping Beans Play Cafe enjoy BEAM

Ryal Public School

Located in the Northwest corner of McIntosh County, Ryal Public School is a small rural school which houses PK3-8th grades in central Oklahoma.


What Ryal Public School
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"We have already gotten our money back through the excitement and enthusiasm BEAM has brought to our students and even faculty!"

Thomas Burney
Director of Programs, Ryal Public School, Henryetta, Oklahoma

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