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BEAM has transformed Orange Children’s Dentistry LLC in Orange, CT

Objective Dr. Paula C. Cerqueira is the owner and operator of Orange Children’s Dentistry, a pediatric dental office located in Orange, CT. Dr. Cerqueira is very well known for her attention to individual care and ability to make personal connections with children. These accolades even landed her a place in the “Top Dentists” Ranking by Westport Magazine. Dr. Cerqueira strongly believes that teeth cleaning should be fun and rewarding for children to help promote lifelong habits for good oral hygiene. In order to achieve a feeling of “fun” around oral hygiene, Dr. Cerqueira built a brand new cutting-edge dental facility with technologically advanced equipment, geared towards giving children comfort and ensuring they receive peace-of-mind necessary for a trip to the pediatric dentist. As soon as she learned about BEAM through a dental Facebook post, she immediately fell in love with the idea of the product and knew that the device would be a perfect fit to incorporate inside her new pediatric dental practice.

Solution and Results Dr. Cerqueira ordered BEAM right away after learning about the product. Setup was completely seamless and easy! She turns the device on first thing in the morning when she comes into the office and it runs all day, always ready to be used by new patients that come in for a cleaning. Dr. Cerqueira has gotten rave reviews and families love it! The product is especially helpful when siblings tag along to an appointment and need something to keep them occupied while their brother or sister is having their teeth cleaned. The entire practice loves that BEAM is germ-free because there is no need for anyone to actually touch the physical device and all the different interactive games are a hit! Dr. Cerqueira really loves how low-maintenance the product is and she is so happy that she has BEAM in her office!

Orange Children’s Dentistry is a pediatric dentist office composed of a team of experienced professionals firmly believe that every teeth cleaning should be fun and rewarding for children, helping to promote lifelong habits for good oral hygiene. To help create a positive experience for children and their families, we set aside time to get to know every child and ensure they are comfortable at every stage of their visit.

  • Industry Pediatric Dentistry
  • Location Orange, CT


What Orange Children’s Dentistry
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"I love BEAM because it's low maintenance and all of our families think it is so cool! Kids can't break it or mess with it, games are on rotation,the device encourages kids to move and jump around, and many of the parents join them. It’s a great asset to my practice!"

Dr. Paula C. Cerqueira
Orange Children’s Dentistry Orange, CT

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