SouthPark Mall

SouthPark Mall WOWs their patrons with BEAM, a state-of-the-art interactive attraction inside their mall!

Objective At SouthPark Mall, shopping is just the beginning. SouthPark is part of the larger Starwood Retail Family, an organization determined to offer memories full of fun and a wide range of attractions for visitors of all ages. SouthPark is always innovating, updating their facility, and adding new engaging offerings. The mall was on the hunt for an innovative new product that would WOW their patrons!

Solution Marketing Director Ed Jaroszewicz was introduced to BEAM at the company’s annual conference and knew it was going to be a perfect addition to the property. Jaroszewicz placed an order right away and a few short months later, BEAM was installed and working perfectly.

BEAM was strategically placed in the main entrance of the mall, an area that gets the most foot traffic and where several mall events are hosted.

Kids at Jumping Beans Play Cafe enjoy BEAM

Results BEAM has proved to be the perfect no-cost experience to guests as they are entering the mall, providing an unexpected, light-hearted, and non-intrusive experience. The product aligns perfectly with SouthPark’s Live 360° initiative of utilizing “surprise and delight” elements throughout the mall to showcase a more inviting and engaging user experience for guests.

BEAM has introduced a new element of activity and engagement that appeals to not only passing families, but to tweens and adults. The product definitely adds to the appeal of SouthPark and has been a welcome addition to the mall’s dining, retail, and entertainment options. BEAM is the perfect choice to help reinvent the retail experience for a new generation of shoppers.

SouthPark Mall

SouthPark Mall is Northeast Ohio’s largest retail destination offering shoppers an excellent mix of shopping, dining and entertainment options for the entire family.

  • Industry Retail
  • Location Strongsville, Ohio


What SouthPark Mall says about us

"We couldn’t be happier and I would recommend BEAM to other retail properties without hesitation!"

Ed Jaroszewicz, Marketing Director

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