Sensory Beans

Sensory Beans is a open-play sensory gym in New York that provides

a clean, safe, secure indoor, sensory-rich environment for children of all ages and abilities.


BEAM in Sensory Beans - Special Education Gym

Sensory Beans wanted a unique experience to help kids develop their play skills. Rachel Roslow, founder and president, was looking to add an interactive area to her gym. She wanted an all-inclusive activity where kids of all abilities could play together and an activity that parents could participate in as well. BEAM was the perfect solution.

The Result

Kids have been so happily entertained by BEAM.

BEAM provides an all-inclusive, social experience; irrespective of age or ability, kids with and without special needs are playing BEAM games together. The delivery and installation of the BEAM system was seamless, and, with a quick onboarding training, Rachel was able to get the BEAM up and running immediately. With it's eye-catching, colorful variety of interactive games, BEAM stands out visually inside the gym, attracting the attention of the kids and drawing them towards the BEAM floor area.

BEAM is a delight!

Rachel is delighted that BEAM provides an all-inclusive solution, especially for families that bring children with and without special needs, because it encourages the entire family to participate. As a result, Sensory Beans have been able to attract many more families to their gym.


What Sensory Beans says about us

"BEAM encourages kids of all abilities to play together in our gym. As a result, we've been able to attract many more families to Sensory Beans."

Rachel Roslow,
President Sensory Beans

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