Rodeo Dental Story

Rodeo Dental’s family dentists, orthodontists, pediatric dentists and teams of bright professionals have been executing on this mission since 2008.

the challenge

Improving the Waiting Room Experience at Rodeo Dental

love coming to visit their practice because there is always fun to be had as soon as anyone walks in the door to the clinic. At Rodeo Dental, it’s all about providing extraordinary patient experiences and providing top-notch dental services to all their clients. Rodeo Dental was on the hunt for a product that would make their waiting room experience more fun and help to calm any pre-appointment stress or anxiety.

the solution

Rodeo Dental Installs a Custom BEAM in their Waiting Room

As soon as the doctors and team at Rodeo Dental learned about BEAM, they knew it was a "must-have" for their pediatric waiting room. They ordered BEAM right away and scheduled a custom installation for the center of their waiting room. Everything worked out perfectly and the installation and ordering process was quick and seamless. As soon as the BEAM device was installed, it was an instant hit! Patients absolutely loved the BEAM product. BEAM has helped Rodeo Dental stand out from their competitors, transformed their waiting room into a kid-friendly attraction, and overall, helped to provide the very best experience possible for their clients.


What Rodeo Dental says about us

""BEAM helps us stand out from our competitors and keeps our patients entertained throughout their entire visit.""

Mark A. Martinez, Regional Leader, Rodeo Dental

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