Lawrence Kotlow DDS

Lawrence Kotlow DDS is the owner of a busy pediatric dental practice in Albany, New York.

He treats a range of young patients from newborn babies all the way up to young adults.


Improving The Patients’ Experience

Dr. Kotlow needed a product that could be used without contact with patients' hands, which was something that was even more important during the contagious flu season. Dr. Kotlow was looking for a digital solution that would keep young patients entertained in his pediatric waiting room. He wanted to provide active games that encouraged the kids to move around and burn off some energy before their appointment. Dr. Kotlow also wanted a product that would require little maintenance or effort. BEAM was the perfect solution.

The Result

BEAM Makes Kids Happy

The BEAM floor in Dr. Kotlow's waiting room is always filled with children throughout the day, and he's had some great feedback from the parents, many of whom love to play the games too!

Dr. Kotlow was very impressed with the fast delivery, straightforward installation and easy setup of the BEAM system. With his selected fun and educational games pre-set to run as a playlist, he just lets BEAM run all day.

The parents are particularly grateful that their kids are actively engaged, getting more physical activity, and that BEAM gets them away from mind-numbing smartphones!

Dr. Kotlow claims to have had a 100% positive experience with EyeClick and the BEAM system. The device worked perfectly from day one and is a great addition to his waiting room. The only complaints he received was when he accidentally switched off the BEAM system one morning - the kids in his waiting room were really upset, queueing up impatiently to play on it!


What Dr Lawrence Kotlow says about us

"BEAM is a real hit. Both kids and their parents love it! And it's hygienic, as, especially in flu season, they don't have to touch it like they do with other games. It's a MUST HAVE for Pediatric dentist waiting rooms!"

Dr Lawrence Kotlow DDS,
owner of pediatric dental practice

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