Jumping Beans Play Café

Jumping Beans Play Café Wanted to Combine Relaxation, Play and Family Time Together in One Convenient Location

It didn’t take long before Tricia Hernes, owner of Jumping Beans, realized she had stumbled across a great idea for a business. The 5-star rated indoor playground and coffee shop gives parents a place to relax while their children burn off some energy through a variety of safe and fun attractions. In many cases, parents set down their coffee and join in on the fun.

Kids at Jumping Beans Play Cafe enjoy BEAM

Jumping Beans Had Discovered a Fantastic Idea for a Family-Oriented Business. But It Still Needed a WOW Factor to Help It Grow.

Great Ideas Still Need to Be Marketed
Jumping Beans is home to a wide assortment of attractions, from a large inflatable play area to a reading corner and turntables. BEAM gave the company an attraction that no other business in the area had, and that news spread fast.

Entertainment for Kids and Adults
It’s hard to find attractions that both parents and their children can enjoy together. From the start, BEAM gave Jumping Beans an opportunity to have the whole family bonding in a fun, physical environment.

Germ-Free and Easy to Clean
Jumping Beans is part play area, part cafe, so cleanliness really matters. Since BEAM is completely virtual, there are no toys to touch, which means germs aren’t an issue. Even better, cleanup at the end of the day is as simple as flipping a switch.


BEAM Takes Center Stage at Jumping Beans with Over 95% of Children Playing On It During Their Visit

Hernes had seen BEAM in action prior to founding Jumping Beans, and she designed her play area from scratch with BEAM in mind. BEAM combination of low maintenance, age range versatility, physical fun and one-of-a-kind novelty has paid dividends for her new business year after year.


Final Result

BEAM’s novel approach to entertainment has helped grow Jumping Beans by word of mouth. And its ability to engage kids and adults makes it perfect for bonding as a family. A novel approach to entertainment helped Jumping Beans generate huge amounts of interest from the moment it opened its doors. Contact BEAM today to learn how your family-oriented business can offer the same great customer experience to its visitors.

Jumping Beans Play Café

Within the span of a couple years. Jumping Beans Play Cafe went from a Little-known family-oriented small business to one of the most popular destinations for children and their parents in Penticton, Canada. Ownership's decision to make BEAM a cornerstone attraction from the beginning has helped the company achieve its phenomenal growth.

  • Industry Family Fun Center
  • Company size Medium business
  • Location Penticton, Canada


What Jumping Beans says about us

"The response to BEAM interactive games has been amazing so far. The kids usually see it first and head right over. and then the parents see it and absolutely love it. Half the time, the parents start playing on it too."

Tricia Hernes, Owner of Jumping Beans

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