Fab-You-Us Family FUN Center is a 4,500 sq ft facility with fun, positive, and engaging spaces where families can find something for everyone .

BEAM Helps Fab-YOU-Us Expand Their Birthday Party Business and Stand Out From Competitors


Tracie Amaral is the owner and director of Fab-YOU-Us. She was looking to add an interactive digital experience to the center’s large indoor play park. She hoped that this new activity would get kids excited, engaged and active.

Tracie wanted to increase business by providing an eye-catching experience that would impress visiting parents, especially during introductory tours. And she aimed to find a unique product to help Fab-YOU-Us stand out from the other play centers in the area, encouraging more families to book birthday parties at the play center.


BEAM New Games are a Hit!


  • The BEAM floor system was installed in its own private room in the indoor play center, making it special and exclusive, and attracting children of all ages.
  • Feedback about BEAM from kids and parents has been wildly positive. The BEAM room is always filled with kids, who are super-excited to experience the wide variety of fun and educational games on the interactive floor.
  • Parents are also very impressed that BEAM provides a digital experience that not only engages the kids but also keeps them active.


Tracie is thrilled with the buzz created from the BEAM attraction. With the lucrative birthday party industry so competitive, adding BEAM has allowed Fab-YOU-Us to clearly stand out from their competitors. The uniqueness of BEAM, clearly visible to visitors during their introductory tours of the center, has helped to attract a lot of new customers.



Fab-YOU-Us is a Family Fun Center where the whole family can play, get fit and celebrate….together in one location. It’s a fun, positive, engaging facility where families can find something for everyone - adults and children (ages 5 - 12) alike. The center incorporates dance, yoga, self-defense training, arts and crafts, drama, story time, birthday parties, free play, much more. Fab-YOU-Us has an indoor play park with a structure to climb and explore, a large area to move and play, and plenty of space to fill with imagination and laughter. There are spaces for quiet, for being loud, to try new things, and seasonal performances to show what makes you Fab-You-Us!

  • Industry Family Fun Center
  • Company size Small business
  • Location Rhode Island


What Fab-YOU-US says about us

"The uniqueness of BEAM allows us to stand out from our competitors, driving higher business revenues as we attract more families to celebrate their birthday parties at Fab-YOU-Us."

Tracie Amaral, Owner, Fab-You-Us Family Fun Center, North Providence, Rhode Island

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