We interviewed Robert Portnoy, owner of Cool Springz Trampoline Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico-the largest trampoline park in the state-about how he uses BEAM interactive floor games to entertain his young customers.

BEAM: Can you tell me a bit more about Cool Springz?

Robert, Cool Springz: We’re a trampoline park. It’s part of an idea sweeping the country, if not the world; providing customers a more active form of entertainment. We’ve been open for two and a half years. We just finished our first quarter with BEAM floor games.

BEAM: So how’s it been working out?

Robert, Cool Springz: Our focus is non-sedentary entertainment, so when I saw this technology online, I was in love. I love the idea, I love the potential for applications for it within a trampoline park. We chose a location for it near the front of the building where you can see it from the lobby. It’s become very popular, not just with the small children but with the older children as well.

Kids that are taking a little break from jumping on the trampolines like to come over and play a couple of games and head back out for more trampoline jumping. The older kids prefer hockey and soccer games, and the little kids love to pop the balloons.  My favorite is stomping ketchup and mustard packets. Adults and children can play together, just like on the trampolines.

BEAM: You’re getting verbal feedback from customers?

Robert, Cool Springz: Typically we just watch them interact with it.  When it was first installed, sometimes the staff would forget to turn it on, and customers would remind them because their kids enjoy it so much. We put a video of it on Facebook that had a tremendous response. We’re quite unique with the addition of BEAM-it’s the only one in the state and it’s been quite well received.

My sales rep was outstanding, and my installer was great. It was a very smooth and painless install, and it’s been a really fun and unique addition to our facility’s feature set. The lease option was a really good fit for us over buying a system outright.

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