Early in my FEC management career, my boss would tease me about my high turnover rate. I couldn’t figure out how to retain talent much less see through a candidate’s smoke and mirror; all while identifying the best hire. He would repeatedly remind me that my best hire was “Jane” (let’s call her Jane for now).

Background with words Is your FEC turnover stressing you out

Background with words Is your FEC turnover stressing you out

Until I started my MBA and dove into countless books on leadership and management that I started understanding:

How to bring out the best of my employees

As a matter of fact, FECs struggle with keeping good talent. As managers, we get bogged down with daily mundane tasks. We simply forget that our business needs a strong leader. Similarly, we get caught up in filling empty positions for the sake of running the business.  However, this fight or flight response causes us to lose more employees in the process. High turnover hurts your business and your employees.  

“We hire some terrific people, but if they stick around here long enough, they seem to lose their edge.” Mankins & Garton

These are the main reasons for high turnover:

  • Your employees are not engaged
  • Bored, or
  • Poorly managed

Onboarding isn’t enough. Unfortunately, family entertainment centers are adopting a sink or swim integration process of new hires.  

The family entertainment center is begging for leaders

Now, let’s get back to Jane.  Remember Jane?  It wasn’t that Jane was my best hire, it was that I poured my heart and soul into her.  I gave her wings, let her use her talents while involving her in the decisions making process.  Most of all, I became a leader.  Since then, I use these tips to bring out the best out of my employees to integrate them successfully.  Whether you manage an FEC or any other business, these tips apply to any business.

These are the easiest FEC management tips to help you become a natural leader

Inspire for Results – Empathy goes a long way.  Listen to your employees with compassion it reduces their tension.  Praise them.  Too often we forget simple, genuine praises go a long way.  We forget to appreciate for those simple mundane tasks.  We expect to honor employees only when their performance is grand.  Lastly, if you want to inspire, push their talent by giving them goals.  Above all, stop micromanaging.

Be a Multiplier of Views – When was the last time you listened to all your employees, not just a select few.  Don’t be a diminisher.  We fall into patterns of listening to only a few employees.  Be a Multiplier.  Use employee talents to their highest potential.  Use problems, issues, and opportunities as shapers of behavior and growth for your employees.  Foster an environment that allows employees to participate in decision-making and problem-solving.

Get on the Balcony –   Too often, as managers, we tend to address every problem ourselves.  We get caught up in the field.  In doing so, we suppress the talent of our team.  Another thing we do wrong; conveying every task we ask them to do is important.  Conversely, this overwhelms and confuses your employees as they figure out what’s the most important job to do.  Getting on the balcony allows you to get a bird’s eye view of situations while letting employees have the responsibility to make decisions.  Your direction won’t be confusing allowing employees to prioritize tasks on their own.

A study on the impact of leader quality concludes that employees do their best for great leaders.  

(Weaver & Mitchell, DDI World)

In essence, focus on your leadership quality.

  • Protect your employees by managing change
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities, and values
  • Squash conflict.  The one in your employees’ heads and among employees
  • Provide direction but also let others lead while you get on the balcony

Employees experience or age doesn’t matter.  The most important thing to remember is employees add value to their work.  Their differences, experiences, beliefs, value, assumptions, and point of view can be used to create a richer and dynamic work environment.  These tips will help you lead your team naturally.

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