We interviewed Tricia Hernes, of Jumping Beans Play Café, a five star rated indoor playground and coffee shop located in Penticton, Canada, about ways she’s using BEAM interactive games to stand out from the crowd.

BEAM installed Jumping Beans Play Cafe

BEAM: Can you tell a bit about Jumping Beans Play Cafe?

Tricia, Jumping Beans Play Cafe: Jumping Beans Play Cafe is a combination between an indoor playground and a great coffee shop. There is nothing else like it in Penticton. We’ve got a play center with a large wooden play structure, a baby play area, an inflatable, a quiet corner with a reading area, turntables, and of course an amazing interactive play floor! We do birthday parties, special events, parenting seminars, and a pilates class. We offer parents childminding during a wide range of activities. We’ve been open since January.

The response to BEAM interactive games has been amazing so far. The kids usually see it first and head right over, and then the parents see it and absolutely love it. Half the time, the parents start playing on it too. It’s great for whole families, from toddlers to parents. It’s the only game we have where everyone can be involved and be physical. The kids absolutely love it, too.

BEAM: What was the need you were trying to fill for your business when you got it?

Tricia, Jumping Beans Play Cafe: We had actually seen the BEAM at a mall and had had the chance to experience it, so we knew how much it drew all age groups. When it came to designing our play center from scratch, BEAM was 100%, absolutely, a mandatory part of it. BEAM was designed into it from the beginning. It was always meant to be one of our main attractions. And absolutely, to this day, it’s one of the reasons people come in, just to play on the BEAM.

I’d estimate at least 10% of customers go directly to it when they come in the door, and 95% of everyone who comes in plays on it at some point during their visit. It’s one of the cornerstones of the business.

A lot of parents who have germophobia love the fact that kids are standing and jumping on it and not touching it. They feel like they’re getting the kids to move and get physical. They say that they want one in their house so that kids would be moving and not sitting on the couch, gaming.

BEAM: What’s maintenance been like?

Tricia, Jumping Beans Play Cafe: Really easy there’s been none. We turn it off at the end of the night and turn it on in the morning. That’s the most we have to do. Everything else has to be fully cleaned and maintained, but BEAM interactive games are the one thing we never have to worry about.

BEAM: Which games are the most popular?

Tricia, Jumping Beans Play Cafe: Little kids like the bubbles and the balloon popping. Popcorn is probably the most popular. The parents get involved in that one, too. The older kids like the monster puzzle as well. We have it set so that it cycles games every two minutes. That keeps the kids engaged without getting bored.

BEAM: What would you tell business owners considering getting one?

Tricia, Jumping Beans Play Cafe: We planned on it right from the beginning. It was a bigger investment, and we wanted to make sure that every penny counts. We’ve made it a cornerstone of the business and it’s absolutely been great that way. When people walk away, that’s something they tell their friends about you. We see people coming in and saying “there’s that game I told you about!” It’s a valuable part of the business and we’re very happy to have it there.

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