Jumpin With Joy, a children’s and family entertainment center in Arkansas recently installed the BEAM interactive projector games system and it has become extremely popular for parents and kids.

Jumpin With Joy

Jumpin With Joy

Jumping for joy 

Jumpin With Joy, based in Paragould, Arkansas, is a 9,000 square foot entertainment facility for children. Jumpin With Joy is an “inflatable party place for kids” that features everything from inflatables and trampolines to air hockey, a big screen TV and most recently BEAM Interactive Virtual Game System. Learn more about all that Jumpin With Joy has to offer by visiting www.jumpinwithjoy.com.

Jumpin With Joy also hosts a range of parties including birthday parties, organization parties and more. BEAM has proven to be an instant hit with both parents and children alike. The physical, fast paced, ever changing and safe nature of this innovative virtual playground has helped make it an easy choice for the team at Jumpin With Joy.

Owner Joy Meizler noted, “Children play on the inflatables and then congregate on the BEAM immediately afterwards. BEAM is interaction and has quick action. They are moving all the time, its good exercise and works to develop hand-eye coordination. I like it so much, I wish it was my idea!”

Venues around the world have discovered that BEAM keeps children active, engaged and entertained. This factor helps to boost interest in venues stimulating repeat business and, in the process, boost revenue. Venues looking for something new, entertaining and engaging have discovered that it isn’t just children who gravitate towards the BEAM interactive games, but their parents as well.

Jumpin With Joy’s experience with the BEAM has been seen around the globe. Venues around the world have seen firsthand how BEAM gaming projector can successfully boost interest and venue attendee engagement. The fact that there are numerous games and new games arrive constantly means that BEAM is adaptive and evolving. Jumpin With Joy is constantly looking to offer children new, engaging and interesting ways to play in a safe, fun and physical manner. BEAM clicks all of these boxes and more!

About BEAM

BEAM interactive games system is an award-winning interactive projection game system that instantly enhances the customer experience at your business with endless fun, excitement, entertainment and engagement. For more information about the BEAM system and how it can help make the difference in your waiting room, contact the BEAM Team today!

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