BEAM interactive games keeps patients happy at Star Smiles Orthodontics

This week, we interviewed Dr. Andre Jham of Star Smiles Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, a five-star rated pediatric dental and orthodontic clinic in Bloomingdale, IL. Their BEAM interactive games keeps dental patients happy and entertained.

Star Smiles Orthodontics Keeping Patients Smiling

BEAM: Can you give an overview of your clinic?

Andre, Star Smiles Orthodontics: Star Smiles Orthodontics is an orthodontic and pediatric dental office, and we use BEAM magic touch in a separate room, so as patients are waiting, they have something to entertain them. It’s been a pretty cool “wow” factor for us.

BEAM: What ages are you mostly dealing with?

Andre: A lot of 3-7 year olds and a lot of teenagers. Mostly 3-12 year-olds are the crowd that enjoys BEAM, I would say.

BEAM: What were you trying to achieve when you got the system?

Andre: I was trying to add more value to Star Smiles Orthodontics in terms of creating a “wow” factor. And doing something different at the same time. Patients want to be in an environment where their kids enjoy it, where it’s cool and fun and high tech, and I feel that BEAM helps us project that image.

BEAM: What kind of return are you seeing on the investment?

Andre: I’m seeing an indirect return based on the patients’ comments and reactions. There’s a lot of “wow, this is so cool! Can I get one for my house?” And I’ve seen it mentioned in online reviews: “they have a really cool game room” and that kind of stuff. I see it as an indirect marketing boost to Star Smiles Orthodontics.

BEAM: Kids are playing it while they’re waiting?

Andre: A lot of the time, we’re ready for the kids when they come in. So we’ll have them go through with their appointment, and hang out in the game room once they are done. Sometimes they don’t want to leave…

BEAM: Anything else we should be thinking about?

Andre: We’ve been pleased with the way the system works. It’s maintenance free-it turns itself on and off, the games switch on their own. So it doesn’t waste my staff’s time. It’s just hassle-free. Time’s huge for us, so no wasted time is a huge plus in my book. It just adds value to our office from the internal marketing perspective.


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