BEAM is helping businesses worldwide to stand out and offer a unique entertainment experience for their young audience. With thousands of global installations, millions of kids playing and clients like Burger King, KFC, Wimpy, Virgin and others, Beam interactive playground is a great entertainment platform for kids, driving active, healthy and social engagement.

IAAPA 2015

IAAPA 2015

BEAM announces upgrades at IAAPA 2015

IAAPA is the premier trade association representing the diverse and ever-changing attractions industry. For over a century we have connected companies of all sizes, and people of all levels, to provide meaningful experiences for their guests around the world.

IAAPA hosts global events and conferences that spread successful ideas and practices. We also provide valuable tools and resources that make all of our businesses smarter, safer, and more profitable while delivering guest experiences that surprise and delight.

With over 6,000 member companies from over 100 countries, IAAPA is the sum of its unique perspectives. And when we inspire each other, we move to the attractions industry forward.  

This year, BEAM is excited to have been a part of IAAPA – The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions – an annual event. The organization boasts over 5,000 active amusement industry members in over 99 countries around the globe. Every year they organize and host an amazing event that brings the best and brightest in inventions, innovations, and entertainment catering to the amusement park industry. Check out the BEAM interactive playground in action at the IAAPA show, Orlando 2015!

About BEAM

BEAM interactive projector games is an award-winning interactive projection game system that instantly enhances the customer experience at your business with endless fun, excitement, entertainment, and engagement. For more information about the BEAM system and how it can help make the difference in your waiting room, contact us today!

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