To deal with this highly competent situation, BEAM interactive projector brings you a solution. It provides you with innovative ways to enhance the shopping experience at the malls by the introduction of interactive floor games with the use of an interactive projector. So, how to build a better shopping experience at Malls with Interactive Floor Projection?

Beam Projector in Malls

Beam Projector in Malls

Customer satisfaction is the key method to promote your business, enlarge your circle of audiences, to reach higher rankings in the business world. We see daily how ‘the big companies’ are introducing new campaign and discounts to attract customers. Those deal with electronics and technology release new technological update to their software to stay in the run for the best. In a world full of competition, shopping malls and shopping arenas need much more than discounts and black Friday sales.

Interactive floor projection at the entrance of the malls

At the entrance of the mall, an introduction of interactive floor projection is very beneficial as tested by many malls. The purpose of having this technology at the entrance is to provide a proper guideline to the customers as to where they will find various brands, food areas, gaming zones and of course resting rooms. It should also have a welcome note. Thus this environment at the entrance will signify that the mall offers some amazing products and that it should be visited more frequently.

Interactive projector playing ads of various brands

Inside the malls, at various locations, you can install interactive projectors that play advertisements, show sponsored products and promotional videos of different brands. This set up will enhance external partners to invest in your business once their ads and products are shown on your screen to your customers. Brands can individually place these interactive projectors in their outlets and show their collection and sales to their customers. It would help customers to have a quick look at the collection and decide quickly, instead of roaming around the entire outlet and searching for products from shelf to shelf.

Interactive floor projection installed in halls for kids

Kids’ area, play areas or special halls in the malls for the kids should have this interactive floor projection system installed. Kids love to experiment. They get bored easily. You must have observed how they are more interested in tablets and smartphones instead of dolls and cars. This is why you need to install this technology in your mall.

First, it is not harmful at all. Second, it provides a clean environment for kids to play in. Third, it’s cost effective. Fourth, you are catering to the needs of those parents who can’t go out for shopping, just because they can’t leave their naughty kids alone at home, and at the mall, the kids get upset because nothing entertains them.

These interactive projectors should feature games, videos, cartoons, and even quizzes to enhance the mental health of kids and prompt them to use their higher brain centers when playing multiplayer games or solving some mystery. There should be a small area for toddlers too. They should be taught how to walk by using floor projection. When they step on the right block, they get positive reinforcement. However, this should be done in the presence of a supervisor.

Interactive floor projection showing discounts/sales

It is necessary that you place a projector at a key location inside as well as outside your mall where maximum people can have a look at it. This projector should show all discounts and sales. It would enhance the number of people who visit your mall and also increase your sales. The more you promote a certain brand through such technology, the more you earn. Thus it can be rightly said that the initial investment of buying and placing interactive floor projection system is worth it.

Interactive floor projector playing videos to entertain visitors

Having this technology installed in food courts where visitors have some quality time with family and friends will enhance their experience. These videos could be trailers of the upcoming movies that are going to be played in the cinema within your malls, or these could be songs. The aim should be to provide an atmosphere where one can enjoy and eat.

So if you are someone from the administration of shopping mall, think of installing these interactive projectors to keep the kids happy, parents relaxed and customers informed. Plus, it will also enhance your business earnings. So what are you waiting for? Get this system by BEAM today.

About BEAM

BEAM interactive projector game system, a technology developed by EyeClick, is an award-winning gaming solution with the ability to transform any space into a highly-immersive and engaging play area for children. BEAM uses cutting-edge projection technology that mounts to a ceiling, creating an interactive play space on any surface below. You can find BEAM in use at day cares, camps, education facilities, healthcare clinics and many other environments across the globe.

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