Do you own a daycare center? If yes, is it equipped with all the best facilities? Is it suitable for all types of kids? Do you manage to keep the kids happy in your daycare center? Have you ever received complaints from parents that their kids are not properly being taken care of? Do you find that your daycare center seems boring? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then interactive games for daycare centers from BEAM might be the SOLUTION to all these problems!

interactive games for daycare centers, played on the floor

Floor interactive games

The best option for you to make your daycare center incredible and a place full of fun is to install Interactive Projector Games by BEAM!

Interactive games for daycare centers on the BEAM interactive projection system are a new technology on the market. This is a highly valuable asset when you want to earn more in a limited time as well as space. The installment of this device in different places including daycare centers has had an amazing effect on the earnings of the owner. The device is composed of an interactive projector that can deduct movement and respond accordingly by changing layout or patterns.

Daycare center workers told that since the day they have had these interactive projectors installed their duty of taking attention and entertaining the kids has lessened. Now they just sit and watch the kids, while they play around and have fun. The kids love the interactive games. They love them more than the toys and the storytelling sessions. However, the administration at the daycare centers has incorporated the use of these interactive projections in storytelling sessions where pictures related to the story are shown. Kids find it highly entertaining as they listen to the story and watch the images change on the screen.

According to scientific reports, such activities can help the children improve in various ways which include improvement in intellect and cognition. It is a general observation that kids learn better when all their sensory systems are activated. When vision and hearing are activated together, the short term memory is enhanced, and it can become a long-term memory if the activity is repeating over time.

A caretaker at the daycare center told us that the first when these interactive games and projections were introduced there was a marked change in the attitude of the kids. They reported lesser tantrums that day and found out that kids were fond of this technology. In simpler terms, that day, the center came to life as the interactive floor projector was installed. Parents loved to see their kids happy at the center, and fewer complaints were received after the addition of this tech.

Kids with mood disorders or ADHD had marked improvement in their behavior once they got acquainted with these interactive games and projections. They no more got irritated, but they were mostly found engaged in the play area. Through the games, they were able to interact with other children, which they found highly enjoyable. Kids with ADHD showed little distraction and were more focused while playing games. Their attention span was considerably improved, and this could help them in school too.

Interactive games can help children develop balance, coordination along with motor skills. It helps them gain knowledge while socializing and having fun. These interactive projections inspire creativity in children by displaying colorful images and graphics onto the floor or walls. These interactive games include soccer, fun activities like popping balloons and playing a giant piano. The system also has educational games. Created by Beam, these games have captivated children’s attention and motivate them to move, run, jump and interact with each other.

interactive projector kids games beam

The system encourages active play and associates learning with exercise and adventure. The games available with Beam Interactive Projector offer a huge number of educational content and themes, ranging from school basics to geography, fun facts, letters, number recognition, and anatomy. It helps the children learn while they are at the daycare center.

The most remarkable thing about the interactive gaming system that makes it suitable for use in child care centers is that it is entirely hygienic. The games do not require touching, so the transmission of bacteria and germs is prevented. It is popular among the parents too as they can sit back and relax while watching their kids have fun and learn new things by socializing with other children. The excitement and the energy that fills the daycare center when the projections are turned on cannot go unnoticed.

So if you own a daycare center, think of installing these interactive games for daycare centers to keep the kids happy, and the parents relaxed. Plus, it will also enhance your business earnings. So what are you waiting for? Get this system by BEAM today and multiply your money and improve your customer satisfaction.

Want Proof That BEAM Is A Great Game For Daycare Centers? See It In Action Below!

Check out this video and more of BEAM in action on our YouTube channel!

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