Children are curious, inquisitive and susceptible to influence. If you Early Learning Center is to provide the right kind of environment for them to grow, learn and thrive, these five elements are non-negotiable.

early learning center classroom essentials

Cognitive Stimulators

Children pick up information continuously. Cognitive stimulators expend this mental energy in a focused and purposeful way. Include fresh puzzles every week, building blocks, high engagement books, items that require sorting and organization and familiarization with technology through basic computer education to offer them a buffet of learning experiences.

BONUS: Add to the cognitive stimulation with foods that help strengthen neural connections. Scrambled egg whites, kale and Greek yoghurt are great options.

Rest & Relaxation

Relaxation is important! The drowsiness that comes upon children after a healthy round of riddle solving or play is vital to the integration of mental and physical lessons learnt during the sessions. Create a nap/lounge nook with soft cushions, mats, wiggle seats for children with special needs and even therapy balls for ADHD kids.

Dramatic Play Areas

Dramatic play or playtime that pushes children to use their imagination and “pretend” themselves into different roles is one of the best ways to encourage a zest for life and the love of learning. Dramatic play helps little ones explore the concepts of responsibility, adventure, truth and morality through story or make believe. Use puppets, costumes, props and Virtual Reality based content projectors like BEAM to bring their fantasies to life.

Artistic Expression

A well rounded personality is one that appreciates both the abstract of art and the logic of science. Lay the foundation for this completeness with an artist’s corner in your Early Childhood Development Center. Include supplies like paint, crayons, paper, play dough and even simple musical instruments (kid pianos and tambourines) to help tiny tots translate their creative urges into color, structure or sound.

Motor Skill Enhancement

Provide children the opportunity to tone their muscles and enhance coordination with unstructured outdoor play. If a dedicated playground isn’t available, clear an area in the room where kids can run around, catch and throw ball, tag partners and get the blood circulation going.

An Early Learning Center Classroom is held to high standards and expectations by millennial parents. Meet & exceed these expectations with these inclusions.

About BEAM

BEAM interactive projector game system by EyeClick is a Virtual Reality (VR) programmable interactive projection game system which engages children in dramatic play and provides cognitive stimulation, combined with fun academic learning in a no-mess and safe setting. Requiring minimal maintenance and taking up almost no space, BEAM is the trump card of every progressive Early Learning Center.



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