Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield, Massachusetts recently installed the BEAM interactive projector game system in their outpatient waiting area. The BEAM “interactive floor projector” provides amusement and physical engagement for patients. While the patients are enjoying the BEAM interactive games, there is a therapeutic benefit as well. The hospital’s clinicians have found the system to be an adaptive and innovative approach to play and therapy.

Shriners Hospital Implemented BEAM

Shriners Hospital Implemented BEAM

Shriners Hospital creates a family experience by BEAM

In regards to their choice of the BEAM, Jessica E. Hagerman B.S., CCLS, the Child Life Supervisor at Shriners Hospital explained, “We strive to provide our patients and families with an exceptional customer experience when they come to the hospital. The Beam has been helpful in creating a child-friendly environment and in motivating kids to move despite any limitations they may face. It also provides an opportunity for patients to engage with other children and families to relax and socialize with one another.”

Jessica added, “Not only is this a positive activity socially and developmentally for patients at Shriners Hospital, it has actually encouraged some children to move while testing out a brace or new prosthetic limb.”  The BEAM is strategically located in the outpatient waiting area where over 14,000 outpatient visits are conducted annually.  The BEAM virtual game system gets a lot of mileage as children pass by it on their way to and from the examination rooms.

Shriners Hospital in Springfield is a specialty hospital delivering world class orthopedic, rheumatology and cleft lip and palate care to children. Children from all over New England and Upstate New York travel to Springfield to receive this expert pediatric care.

About BEAM

BEAM, a technology developed by EyeClick, is an award-winning gaming solution with the ability to transform any space into a highly-immersive and engaging play area for children. BEAM uses cutting-edge projection technology that mounts to a ceiling, creating an interactive play space on any surface below. You can find BEAM in use at day cares, camps, education facilities, healthcare clinics and many other environments across the globe.

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