Providence of the best customer services is an important task in almost all businesses especially beauty salons. Special units are formed to carry out these services and to get positive reviews from clients and customers. To cut down the price of providing these services, Beam brings you their Interactive floor projector that you can install in your salon to get improved revenues as well as reviews.

interactive projector kids join beam

Interactive projector kids join beam

Here’s a list of 5 ways to improve your customer’s experience at beauty salons using the Beam interactive projector for gaming and entertainment purposes.

Interactive Wall in the Salon

Having an interactive wall in your salon for the clients you are beautifying is the best way to keep them engaged. The changing patterns or videos keep them entertained while they get their makeup done. It keeps them occupied during lengthy procedures like bridal makeup or protein hair treatment. It also improves the working environment. The beauticians like it more when some music is played in the background while they beautify their worthy clients. It helps them enjoy their work and focus better.

The Beam interactive projector allows you to have this fun set up in your beauty salon. All you need to do is to install the projector in the room, where the clients are being taken care of. You need not worry about reducing lights in the salon because this interactive projector system works best even in bright light.

The Best Interactive Projector at Your Entrance

Installing the Beam interactive projector at the entrance of the beauty salon is a superb idea. An interactive floor projector can be used in such a way that it directs the customer towards the reception of the salon or its guides about the timings of the salon and the packages available at the salon. It can also show a map of the salon, helping lost customers find their way to the right room. Also, it can display the services available at the salon that includes a pedicure, manicure, spa, massages, etc.

Thus having an interactive projector system at the entrance of your salon will guide your customers better, reducing the need for workforce and application of charts and banners on the walls regarding the beauty packages, etc.

Makeup Tutorials on Projector

For those clients, who are waiting for their turn to be beautified, you can arrange many makeup tutorials and hairstyling tutorials on the Beam interactive projector. It will ensure that they enjoy each second of the time they spend at your salon. Along with services like tea and magazines having an interactive floor projector will help attract more customers and allow you to improve your business.  The clients can gain valuable makeup tips through this setup and give positive reviews about your salon. Some may even tip you for all the fantastic services that you are providing them.

Gaming Projector for Game Lovers

Some customers are fond of playing games. They love to play interactive games. Introducing the concept of projectors for gaming can provide a platform for these clients to express their gaming abilities. This way they can also team up and interact with the other people present in the waiting area. It not only makes the atmosphere jolly and friendly but improves the overall ambiance of the place. So if you need a 5/5 review, it’s your best chance to avail these Beam projectors for gaming and launch them in your waiting areas of the salon.

Interactive Projector for Kids in the Waiting Area

It is one great news for all the ladies out there, who are unable to get regular grooming in beauty salons because they can’t leave their kids alone at home and there is no place for kids in a salon. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore.

Beauty salons, with Beam interactive floor projector system, bring you an opportunity to groom yourself on a regular basis without worrying about your kids. The gaming system in the waiting area for the kids allows them to play and interact with other kids. It is entirely safe, and the environment is entirely hygienic.

The interactive games are composed of videos, quizzes and scientific questions that involve brainstorming. These games are not only for entertainment purposes. They help sharpen the motor and cognitive skills of the kids and improve their overall performance. This interactive floor projector system comprises of a screen/wall and a projector that has sensors. These sensors are responsible for the detection of movement. It detects the movement on the wall and changes the pattern, as the kids play the games.

BEAM interactive games also allow your kid to interact with other children. This interaction is in the form of verbal exchange as well as the exchange of ideas when they coordinate to play up against the opposing team. In this manner, they get to learn coordination and teamwork, they get more focused and their concentration span increases. Thus, it means that if you bring your child to the salon while you get your hair trimmed, your child will learn many essential skills and knowledge through the use of interactive floor projection.

If you are a beauty salon owner, you need to consider the above mentioned five ways to attract more customers to your salon to improve their overall experience.  This will ultimately help you gain better reviews from your clients as well as the increase in revenue.

About BEAM

BEAM interactive projector game system an award-winning interactive system that instantly enhances the customer experience at your business with endless fun, excitement, entertainment, and engagement. For more information about the BEAM system and how it can help make the difference in your waiting room, contact the BEAM Team today!

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