The Future of Play Is Here. And at Less Than $10 a Day, It’s Also a Steal.

Subscribe to BEAM today, and never pay for upgrades, maintenance, or new games ever again. It’s all included!


12 month subscription

*One Time Installation Fee

This pricing is only available in US and Canada


On-Site installation and guidance


Ongoing customer support


Free Hotline service


Monthly Game Updates


A New Way to Play

BEAM is inventing new ways for children to play, new ways for parents to spend time with their children, and new ways for businesses to promote customer loyalty. And that’s just for starters!

We Make BEAM a Breeze to Own


Rapid On-Site Installation

We’ll deploy one of our “BEAM Teams” to your location as soon as your scheduled installation date arrives and have it set up in a little over an hour. And the best part? BEAM is ready to go the very next day.


Astoundingly Awesome Customer Service

Call us with your problem, but stay for the compliments and conversation! Our customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable, and accessible. If you have a problem with BEAM, we’ll help you solve it fast, and put a smile on your face to boot.


Maintenance? Not on Our Watch!

With a simple user interface, nothing to clean or break, nothing to download or install, and nothing to calibrate or set up, BEAM is technology at its easiest and most intuitive—exactly how it should be (and always will be with us!)


No Additional Update or Software Costs

BEAM updates automatically and all updates are covered in your subscription. New games are available as soon as we publish them and yes, those are free too! BEAM’s value only grows with time, but the cost never changes.

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