Jump A Roos Play and Party Center Wows Kids with BEAM Interactive Floor Projector

Jump A Roos Play and Party Center Wows Kids with BEAM Interactive Floor Projector

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Jump A Roos inflatable play and party center, with two locations South Florida, has selected a BEAM interactive floor projector game system as a new addition to its entertainment options. Since its initial installation, this new attraction has proven to be extremely popular. Learn more about Jump A Roos by visiting www.jumparoos.com.

Kids Love BEAM At Jump A Roos

Jump A Roos features a wide array of diverse fun and party options for children with an abundance of inflatables, slides, bouncers and now the BEAM virtual game system. South Florida Parenting Magazine has selected Jump A Roos’ as the Best Indoor Activity for 3 years in a row.

Jump A Roos owner Gregory H. Fefferman noted that BEAM interactive projector has made a huge impact since being installed just over four months ago. He points out, “It is a ‘go to’ activity that entertains customers of all ages. In a small footprint in our stores we are able to add a popular attraction that is innovative, unique and state-of-the-art. Parents also love how the kids have to move around in order to use BEAM.”

Beam fits well with Jump A Roos approach of being hassle free for parents. At the same time, this festive venue offers “unlimited fun for kids.” Thanks to the addition of a BEAM interactive floor projector, children of all ages in South Florida have a safe, germ-free, highly interactive and state-of-the-art new option.

Fefferman added, “BEAM fits directly with the active play theme of our inflatable play and party facility. We could not be more pleased with the product.”

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