Get Air, a trampoline park, uses BEAM and Groupon to get a real bounce in their revenue!

Get Air, a trampoline park, uses BEAM and Groupon to get a real bounce in their revenue!

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We interviewed Jared Heywood of Get Air, Salt Lake City, a huge trampoline park in Salt Lake City, Utah.

BEAM: Can you tell me a bit more about Get Air?

Jared: We’re Get Air, a 48,000 square foot trampoline park. As far as I know, we’re the biggest in the country right now. It’s a fun place for kids, teens and adults to come and jump around and burn some energy. We have lots of different activities. We also host birthday parties for kids of all ages. We’ve been open since December, 2014. We serve a target audience of 6 to 22 years of age.

Get Air used BEAM and Groupon to add some real bounce to their revenue

BEAM: How long have you had BEAM?

Jared: Since about two weeks after we opened Get Air.

BEAM: What was the business case when you got it?

Jared: We wanted an upgraded party room that people could purchase for an extra price. It’s a bigger room with the BEAM. So not only do they get the extra activities that BEAM interactive games provides, but also the bigger room.

BEAM: And what has the benefit been that it’s provided to your business?

Jared: The benefit has been great. We actually used Groupon to promote it and get it out. And we sold out of reservations for three months in advance. I estimate that it brought us 20X returns on investment over those three months.

Feedback has been great. All the parents love it when their kids go in the party room, when they get done eating and don’t want to go jump, they get on the BEAM interactive floor.

The kids just love it. I haven’t heard a single complaint about it.

BEAM: What have maintenance and upkeep been like?

Jared: We haven’t had to do any, other than keeping the mat that we bought for it clean. We get automatic updates through the internet every month.

I would definitely recommend it to other businesses.

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