BEAM Projecting Limitless Entertainment on Any Surface

With the successful launch of BEAM Interactive Projector, we see many places installing this technology. BEAM has been projecting limitless entertainment on almost all surfaces that include malls, baby daycare centers, schools, play areas, waiting areas in hospitals, etc with the interactive floor games projector.

The installments in various places have led to its gradual increase in demand in the market. This projection system is composed of a projector and movement sensors that allow you to portray whatever you want to on the wall or floor you choose. The sensor acts as a tracker and helps in changing effects as it sense movement.

To know more about its working, let’s have a look at the places where this Interactive Projection System has been installed.

Interactive floor games for kids at play areas and schools

At schools, kids were able to grasp concepts quickly after the use of interactive projection system. This technology enabled them to stay focused and to enjoy the lessons taught in the classroom. Kids also loved the interactive floor games. It is reported by teachers and parents, that kids are no more reluctant in going to school, and they have seen progress in their term reports after the installment of these interactive projectors. So if you worry about your kid’s progress at school, you better ask the school administration for this successful tech.

interactive games projector in school

Kids projector games installed at Malls

At various malls, BEAM has been quite active in installing their successful range of tech products including kid’s projector games. It has enabled the malls to generate increased amount of revenue. Kids enjoy these interactive games and projections, so they happily visit malls with their family. Mothers are also comfortable in taking their children to malls as they are satisfied with these interactive games.

When the kids were asked about BEAM Interactive Floor Projection system, they told that they totally loved the idea. It helps them to interact with other players and they weren’t just sitting behind a screen and controlling a figure on the screen. Parents, on the other hand, are perfectly happy with the hygienic environment and the reduced risk of accidents.

Interactive floor projection system at gaming zones

Installing interactive floor games for kids at gaming zones is the best idea. It combines all the fun elements of visual auras like dancing flames, magical blooming flowers and running water into one single system. Kids are captivated by these visual designs as there is an element of surprise. Nonetheless, you can say that these projector games for kids are unusually exciting and modern. Children are fond of this technology because it reacts in real time making it so unique.

interactive projector in gaming zone

We highly recommend that you use BEAM Interactive projection system in your malls and play areas. It has endless possibilities and can help you generate increased amounts of revenue. Using this technology you can create interactive walls and interactive floor surfaces with projection. This technology has a sensor and a built-in computer that improves gesture tracking allowing kids to maximally engage in the games. To create any space into a fun-filled experience, purchase BEAM kids projector games.

If you don’t find the right game or the appropriate theme, you can always contact us, and we can make a custom design for your company.

Our team at BEAM is highly skilled in developing interactive display games for walls and floors at a very affordable rate. All the effects and games are completely configurable. You can insert your background, audiovisual effects, settings, and logos. This way you can create an unlimited array of effects.

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